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Minecraft Server List

Rang Name Server Spieler Status
126 SkyFactory2 by CraftersLand


░░░░░░ SkyFactory2 Modpack by FTB ░░░░░░ This modpack can be found on FTB and Curse launchers!

67/400 online
127 Snapcraft


Snapcraft is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find. We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an active community and an active forum!

274/1750 online
128 SparkiGames


Skywars and Bedwars play for fun!

0/0 online
129 SuperAwesome


Welcome to SuperAwesome - Danish Server. Based on Create your own server. On the server you can play all known game modes, its up to you. You can create your own server absolute free!

223/1017 online
130 Survive With Us SMP


We are a brand new survival server with completely custom plugins and a fresh map for our players to begin adventuring on.

50/51 online
131 SwanCraft


SwanCraft Spread your wings and fly home to SwanCraft!

17/150 online
132 SwatsCraft


971/15000 online
133 The DestinyMC


Welcome to our Vote page, we at the DestinyMC offer a huge diversity of gamemodes including Pixelmon, Pixelverse Pokemon with no mods, Skyblock, Survival, Prison, and more!

156/1000 online
134 The Hive


TheHive is a community of Minecraft players that play some awesome gametypes such as Official Survival Games, Trouble in Mineville and The Herobrine! Hope you can join and have fun and make new friends

0/0 online
135 The Seed


The Seed was created with one thing in mind - Minecraft. For the players that are looking for a server that has countless custom-coded features, The Seed isn't for you. While we do have custom features, our goal is to keep The Seed simple and community-based for those that just want to play Minecraf

62/600 online
136 TheArchon


Come and join org.archonhq.net today for some insanely rich raids, intense pvp and just a great time!

1688/3000 online
137 TimberLife


Deine Chance auf ein neues Leben in einem aufregenden Land!

5/48 online
138 TimeSlab.net


0/100 online
139 Timolia


0/0 online
140 TreeMC


Looking for an awesome minecraft server that you will potentially enjoy? Well, here it is!

101/2020 online
141 TrollTime Server

TrollTime - CityBuild Server

0/75 online
142 UltraNetwork


UltraNetwork - Cracked | OP Prison | OP Skyblock | Need Staff | 24/7 | No lag | Discord | Custom Enchants | Custom Content | What are you waiting for? Join now!

104/250 online
143 UniversoCraft


UniversoCraft es un servidor de Minecraft con un equipo profesional y sólido detrás, se trata de un servidor semi premium y con gran capacidad de evolución, está alojado en maquinas muy potentes que no te darán nada de lag para jugar. Te divertirás sin duda !

970/15000 online
144 VanityMC


We at VanityMC are a competitive Minecraft Network who thrives on players enjoying their experience

1335/2020 online
145 VexedMC - Unique OP-Prison Experience


VexedMC is a custom and unique OP-Prison Experience. Some of the unique features: - Auto-Miners - Custom Gangs - Custom Enchants - Rename Tokens - Token Blocks - Multiplier Items - Multiplier Dust And much more

226/1000 online
146 VictoryCraft.net


419/1000 online
147 VikingPvP


Come join us on this Norse-themed custom Skyblock journey filled with captivating, exclusive features. You will never get bored!

118/750 online
148 Viper


We're your home with the Hardcore Factions, Regular Factions and the PotPvP gamemode. We'd like you to join us for a fun experience.

163/5000 online
149 Vnlla.net


NO Land Claims, NO Grief Protection, No Keep Inventory, PvP Enabled and Encouraged!!!

4/50 online
150 VortexPvP


VortexPvP is part of the next generation of networks. We have the latest and greatest features from your favorite servers and a ton of unique content you've never seen anywhere else! Join today and experience your own space adventure!

923/3000 online